Monday, 10 July 2017

Old Tibetan Tea For Long Life- Simple, Easy And Very Useful

Tibetan medicine is widespread throughout the world, and just because of this fact in this area people have the deepest age.
People are interested in the Tibetan customs and it is normal for traditional Tibetan recipe, so the experts in alternative medicine offer more products that are healthy, and for which it is believed that prolongs the life. Here is one tea, which is used regularly in Tibetan medicine, and is very helpful for the body.

Needed ingredients:
  • 2l of water
  • 5 g grinded ginger
  • 3 big spoons fresh lemon juice
  • 2 big spoons natural honey
  • 1 finger grinded hot pepper
  • 1 finger anise
Put the water on fire. Leave it boiling for 5 minutes, after this time remove the water from the fire and leave it to cool off. All of the above ingredients now add one by one in the water. Leave the mixture to stay covered until it is completely cold, and after this the liquid that is gained will be ready for consuming. It is very important not to add the ingredients in a hot water. The water need to be cold up to the degree that will be only warm and then add the ingredients, not to lose the medicinal substances.
Dosing – This tea is best to be consumed during the day, sip by sip in specific time lines. You can also consume one small glass half an hour before every meal. According the recipe, 2 l of the fluid should be divided to 3 people, and this is the optimum daily dosage.
source and courtesy: weeklyhealthylife.com

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